Bandwidth SDK

bandwidth_sdk is a python library for working with Bandwidth Voice And Messaging APIs.

Complete original documentation of the API can be found here

Install the SDK with pip:

pip install bandwidth-sdk

The Bandwidth-Python API is broken up into logical pieces:

  • Voice API
  • Account API
  • Messaging API

Before using the sdk you must initialize at least one client with your Bandwidth App Platform API credentials:

import bandwidth
voice_api = bandwidth.client('voice', 'u-user', 't-token', 's-secret')
messaging_api = bandwidth.client('messaging', 'u-user', 't-token', 's-secret')
account_api = bandwidth.client('account', 'u-user', 't-token', 's-secret')

Or import each individually for better IDE integration:

from bandwidth import messaging, voice, account
messaging_api = messaging.Client('u-user', 't-token', 's-secret')
voice_api = voice.Client('u-user', 't-token', 's-secret')
account_api = account.Client('u-user', 't-token', 's-secret')

Voice API

  • Phone Calls
  • Conferences
  • Recordings
  • Transcriptions

Messaging API

  • Send MMS
  • Send SMS
  • Fetch Messages

Account API

  • Account
  • Applications
  • Search for numbers
  • Register Domains and Endpoints
  • Fetch Errors
  • Upload/Download Media
  • Order/update Phone Numbers

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